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Last update: February 12, 2022

Explanations about the payment in 2 times

We offer the possibility to pay your trek in 2 instalments: a deposit per person when booking and the balance directly in Cusco. A 2 instalments payment means more comfort and safety for you, because it is a fixed deposit per person used to pay for the trek and the permits. Your spaces are then secured and your trek is guaranteed.


When booking on-line, regardless of the chosen trek or options, you pay a fixed deposit per person, by credit card. We use this advance to pay the booked services to authorities and providers and especially the trek permit. Your spaces are the secured and your trek is booked for good. Until you arrive in Peru, you don't have any other expense.

Once arrived in Cusco, we ask you to come to our Agency to pay the pending balance. The balance is the difference between the total price when booking and the deposit you paid per person. So, it is known in advance and even if the services prices rise in the meantime, you will not pay more. The price and the balance are frozen. No bad surprises! The only obligation is to pay the pending balance in full before the trek in cash in US Dollars or Peruvian Soles at the exchange rate of the day, before the beginning of the services. Other payment methods are subject to an 6% charge (PayPal or Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Union Pay, Discover). For obvious reasons, we don't accept partial payments and/or after the trek.

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