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The proposed tour is located at the heart of Peruvian Andes. It goes from Cusco, Capital of the Ancient Inca Empire, to the citadel of Machu Picchu.


Located on the fertile Urubamba Valley, the tour offers the traveler a view rich in fascinating landscapes.


Map of Machu Picchu - Move the cursor on a place to see details.
<h5>Moon Temple</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/templo_luna.jpg'> <h5>Group of the top</h5> <h5>Sacred Stone</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/roca_sagrada.jpg'> <h5>Three doorways</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/tres_portadas.jpg'> <h5>Industrial sector</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/sector_industrial.jpg'> <h5>Main Plaza</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/plaza_pal.jpg'> <h5>Cemetery</h5> <h5>Intihuatana</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/intihuatana.jpg'> <h5>Main Temple</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/templo_pal.jpg'> <h5>Royal Palace</h5> <h5>Fountains street</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/escalera_fontanas.jpg'> <h5>Central Stairs</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/escalera_central.jpg'> <h5>Temple of the Three Windows</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/tres_ventanas.jpg'> <h5>Quarry</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/cantera.jpg'> <h5>Bird sculpture</h5> <h5>Watchman\'s Hut</h5> <h5>Funerary rock</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/roca_funeraria.jpg'> <h5>Barracks</h5> <h5>Pain doorway</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/puerta.jpg'> <h5>Temple of the Sun</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/templo_sol.jpg'> <h5>Watchmen houses</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/casa_vigilante.jpg'> <h5>Doorways Group</h5> <h5>Peripheral stairs</h5> <h5>The Prison</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/carceles.jpg'> <h5>Houses of the Noble</h5><img width=180 height=120 src='/images/maps/casas_nobles.jpg'>